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A small farm with an ambitious vision. We craft small batch kombucha with the freshest ingredients. Good farming practice builds healthy soil which grows produce full of nutrients and flavor. Organic teas and carefully cultured SCOBY create uniquely delicious and truly enjoyable kombucha. Together they create a drink like you’ve never tasted before.

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Where to Purchase

My kombucha is available at farmers markets around southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This includes the New Bedford Farmers Market and Mount Hope Farmers Market.

The kombucha is available for Home Delivery. The delivery area is in southeastern Massachusetts, south of Rt 195 between Somerset and Wareham. Place an order for delivery at the online store, linked above.

A kombucha subscription is the most economical way to enjoy this delicious, healthy drink. Full details are here. Sign up for a 12 week subscription here.

Find out where you can pick up your bottle here.

Salt Marsh Farm Kombucha
Dartmouth MA


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